DeFI/DEX AML anti money laundering for Coin Exchanges and Blockchain transactions

DeFI/DEX AML anti money laundering for Coin Exchanges and Blockchain Compliance

AML and anti-terrorist financing preventions measures are part of most financial transactions worldwide and DEX AML will add another layer of protection on decentralised exchanges.

Until very recently, Blockchain users were totally anonymous but Financial Regulators are beginning to introduce new laws and requirements for Coin Exchanges.


Know Your Customer (KYC) was mainly used until now when a party was being onboarded as a new client but now this is extending to both parties to exchange transactions and to parties using Dapps - new applications using decentralized finance which can aim to reduce the intermediary fees in transactions and to tokenise debt and/or products/services for sale.

Tokenization means that there can be many parties to a financial deal and not just two or a few as previously. This will substantially multiply demand for DeFIAML data providers.
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Anti Money Laundering Directives & DEX

Although DEXs have appeared worldwide recently and initially operated with little regulation, their success has brought Regulators to pay attention.

Typical KYC & AML measures are now being legislated for and imposed on Exchanges and users.